Welcome to Locally Craftd

Well we finally did it! We opened London’s newest artisan store. When we came up with the idea of Locally Craftd we knew we had to turn it up in order for it to work! So we did, our mission was to do it differently than other vendor stores and we will do exactly that!

We have so many plans for our small store and we cannot wait to share them with all of you.

It now has been one month since our store opened and we are so pleased with the response we have had not only with customers but also with the many artisans that have come on board with us from the beginning.

Some have asked me what made me decide to open an artisan and well there are many reasons why I decided to embark on this journey. One reason is because my connections that I have made with local artisans through organizing our handmade only Christmas Craft sales. Our community has many great artisans and through our craft sales I have had the pleasure of meeting many of them.

Organizing crafts sales is not an easy task and each year I personally grow and learn more. I will be the first to admit the first two years of our sales we made mistakes and I am working on that. Unfortunately, according to some these mistakes make for a terrible organizer but that is not the case, the case is that I am a human and yes I do make mistakes. That being said the Locally Craftd store is my passion now and my mission is to help local artisans grow their businesses.

I am hoping that you will join the little store that could either as a customer, which we would love you forever for or as an artisan and see how we can help grow your business.

Again thank you for being you and supporting our dream and our small business!

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